MTV Awards 6th November


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We're regularly attending trade shows and events, so come and see us to trial our One Step Gel system. We'll have the full range of colours, with experts to apply and cure SmartPolish on your nails. Giving you the chance to see first hand our groundbreaking gel. We'll also be running exclusive show offers, so get those dates in your diary now.

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  1. We've got really exciting news to share with you all! This year MTV has asked us to work with them and the celebrities at the MTV Awards 2016. We'll be backstage with SmartPolish and our newest addition SmartChrome VIP! 

    Launching SmartChrome VIP...


    We all know chrome nails have taken off in a massive way but we at SmartPolish have sourced the most superior powder to knock all the others out of the water...

    Introducing SmartChrome VIP, the finest quality chrome powders on the market. As soon as you open a pot of our SmartChrome VIP you'll realise there is magic in every pot, the powder is specially dyed to give you a real wow factor when applying. The powder is a very fine grade which gives an impecable mirror effect, this also means it is applied easily. 

    To apply all you need to do is rub a fine layer over the top of an already cured SmartPolish manicure - using a small sponge applicator. Work in more if you'd like a dramatic effect, remember it's best to work with a small amount and build up to your desired effect. Once you have the level of coverage you'd like, use SmartPolish Clear Top Coat to seal in place. It really is the easiest way to get chrome nails. 

    Are you as excited as we are about this magic in a pot? We can't wait for you all to try it and show us your creations! PLUS, we'll be working with industry heaveweights at MTV, so tune in on 6th November to check out the stars and their SmartChrome VIP manicures. 



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    We're celebrating...

    We've been making changes. We think it’s important to revitalise our brand to connect with you. Our website has had a facelift, check it out now! And we've been building on some great content to help you make a successful nail business, see below...





    We launched SmartPolish 3 years ago and we want to thank all our customers who have been so loyal and given us the great feedback that has kept us going, motivating us to keep striving for better and always pushing to improve the working lives of nail professionals around the world! Here's to you, the humble nail tech...stock up now with our 2 for 1 deal and keep up the great work.



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    Time to shine the spotlight on the real superheroes - Nail Professionals...

    We chatted to Lucy Webber, a professional nail tech who uses SmartPolish and lives in enviable beautiful North Wales. The beauty and nail industry is a hard graft and we think it's time the unsung heroes got a mention. You are what keeps us in business after all and we can't thank you enough for that, so we've decided to make a regular feature of getting to know our customers - first up is one very talented lady who knows stepping out of your comfort zone is crucial for your nail business.

    Tell us a bit about yourself? 

    'Hi, I’m Lucy. Mum of two boys and live with my partner in rural North Wales along with our dog Frank and cats Ronnie Kray and Kindle.'

    How did you get into doing nails?
    'I had my first experience as a client a few years ago and I wasn’t too thrilled with the product or customer service. Then I had major surgery and was off work for a month. I was an Area Sales Manager for a leading cosmetic brand and felt it was time for a fresh start. I spent a couple of months stalking the industry to see what's available and to put together a business plan.'

    Where did you train?
    'I found ‘Greg Solo’ of Young Nails on YouTube and his method of sculpting nails clicked with me. So I booked on with my local educator. I also did a course with Cuccio. I was lucky enough to train with Stephen, their Creative Director.'

    What's the best benefit to using SmartPolish?
    'TIME! I'd been taught Base, Colour, Colour, Colour and top. Here's SmartPolish and I'm like WOW! I bought the ‘Try me kit’ and discovered LED 30 seconds. But I'm also sold on the customisation of the gel. I can blend a ‘colour match’ for clients’ events.'

    Have you got any tips for applying SmartPolish?
    'I stick to thin even coats, some need 2, some 3. The strong pigment allows me to use it for nail art too.' 

    What's the longest you've known SmartPolish last?
    '4 weeks. Chip free and still shiny. You really can't ask for more!'

    What nail trends have you seen emerging?
    'I think it's all about effects right now. SmartPolish brought us THAT video of the chrome pigment and it's gone nuts. We've also got Holographic pigment and a new trend that's been showcased by Lucy Fell is the rough glitter finish. Set into a tack free topcoat. Which SmartPolish gel polish has. No need for extra top coats!'

    What do you charge for treatments?
    'I offer a Deluxe Gel Polish from £15 and charge extra for effects, Swarovski Crystals or nail art. Sculpted Acrylics with Gel Polish start at £32. For a group booking, I offer ‘Express Gel - £10’. I can only offer this because of SmartPolish. It's so fast. 15 mins and I'm done with a basic colour set. But SmartPolish has an excellent selection of colours, I have over 60 from the range.' 

    What treatments do you offer?
    'Basic Mini Mani to full on Encapsulated acrylic with One Stroke and Bridal work. I also offer Lash treatments including Lash Lifting which is very popular and Lash Extensions.' 

    Are you based in a salon or mobile? What do you prefer?
    'I'm mobile. I tried being Salon based last year but mobile works best for me. My clients prefer it and I don't suffer from ‘No Shows’ any more. I think I get to know my clients better as at home they're much more relaxed. I do have a client that lives in Chester who drives to my home for her nails, every three weeks.'

    Have you got any tips for other nail techs reading this?
    'Train hard and practice harder. We all have to step outside our comfort zone. There are so many great Nail Techs out there who love to share their experience and knowledge. Forums are great too. I'm currently stalking Miss Lucy’s (Lucy Fell) who is amazing.

    Make the effort to go to at least one Beauty show. See what's out there, it's so easy to stay safe, but new brands are producing amazing products. It's not just about the reputation of the brand, it's how the product works for you.
    Know what your competition is. Who they are, what they do and how they do it. How does your service compare? I've never worried about my pricing, I'm by no way the cheapest, but I sculpt. I offer a loyalty card and I try to be as flexible as possible. I don't work 9-5 and my day off can change week to week. That works for my clients and it works for me.'

    Sound advice from our nail tech of the month. Thank you so much for contributing Lucy, we appreciate everything you do and will always be thankful to have you as a customer. We'll be giving Lucy a voucher to use at for giving us her valuable time, it could be you next month! Did you enjoy reading about Lucy? Do you want to be our next featured nail tech? Leave a comment below. 

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     Building your client base 101..

    You've got all the skills, you're prepped with all the equipment a nail tech could need (see our equipment checklist HERE) and now you need to get paying customers to hand over their hard earned cash. What do you do? We've put together a survival guide below of the best ways to market yourself and build your nail business. 

     1) Business cards. They are an essential tool. If you hand out 20 or more daily then the chances are it will return at least 1 customer. Leave them in hair salons, at your local corner shop, at friend's houses, the gym, takeaways, wedding shops, everywhere you go think 'can I leave a business card here'. 

    2) Get on the internet. You need a presence online, whether that be on social media or a simple but professional website so people can find you - have your contact details easy to find and a price list of treatments. Have a business profile for Facebook and Instagram, post pictures of your work looking stunning so people are inspired to get in touch. Let people know through social media when you have free slots for treatments. 

    3) Use hashtags on those social networks to get more exposure. Here's a list of popular nail tech hashtags to use on Instagram... #nails #nailstoinspire #nailtech #notd #nailsoftheday #gelnails #nails2inspire #nailstagram #nailpolishaddict #nailsofig #nailinspo there are plenty out there. Search out popular nail accounts and see what hashtags they use. 

    4) Leaflets. It may sound like an old way to get the message out there but it can be one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get your name known, especially if you are mobile and have no premises for people to know about. So get a leaflet printed that looks professional and post them locally.

    5) Whatever marketing material you use make sure it looks professional. Don't just print something out on a word document. Vistaprint have plenty of pre-designed templates, or if you have the cash invest in getting business cards and leaflets properly designed. 

    6) Collect emails. You'll need to set up an email list (try mailchimp) and this can be fiddly, but it can also successfully generate a lot of interest for you. So send out emails regulary showcasing work you've done or details to make a booking for a treatment. You can collect phone numbers too but emails will always look more professional. Use our client profile download to collect all the info you need CLICK HERE.

    7) Tell everyone about your credentials! It may sound silly but make sure your friends, family and the next door neighbough know you are a qualified nail technician. No one likes to blow their own trumpet, but it's worth passing out that business card and saying 'I hope you don't mind me giving you this, I'm just trying to spread the word about my business'. You'll be in the forefront of people's minds when they need their nails doing.

    8) Keep your nails looking beautiful! It's so obvious, but you are a walking canvas for your business. 

    9) Take pictures, we can't stress what a powerful tool visuals can be to a business. When you do work (even if it's your own nails) take lots of great looking pictures to post on social media and show off your work. TIP: there are plenty of beauty apps to enhance pictures to make your nails and hands look their best! 

    10) Loyalty programmes. Offer your clients a reward for every 10 treatments you give them. You could put this on the back of your business cards, this means they'll be more inclined to keep hold of your card too - so they'll have your details handy for when they want to tell a friend about you. 

    11) Referrals are a great way to get word of mouth working in your favour. If a client refers someone to you offer them a discount as a reward. Word of mouth is the strongest way to build a client base. 

    12) Donate a treatment to charity. Is there a local event in your area? A fundraiser, concert, festival, a local market? Get in touch with the organisers and offer your services up as a raffle prize. It will cost of course, but everyone who enters will have seen your name - it could be great exposure for you. 

    13) Buddy up with local businesses. Look for businesses that are after the same clientele as you i.e. hair stylists, makeup artists, wedding dress shops etc and offer to refer your clients to them in exchange for them referring their clients to you. Make sure you pick the right businesses to buddy up with. 

    14) List yourself in free directories online. Just search 'nail salon directory' in google and see what comes up. Having your details available in other places online will ultimately lead to more custom. See if you can purchase ad space in local papers at a good price, you may not use local newspapers but older clients might. 

    The world is your oyster once you're working for yourself in the nail industry, you'll need to be brave and put yourself out there. Don't be afraid to chat and network, you are the face of your business after all. 

    Did you find this helpful? Let us know and comment below. Is there anything you can add to help other nail techs? 


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    Let's talk nails...

    We love nails, it's an art form; a creative outlet like no other. That's why we're in this business, the beauty industry is a fast paced and exciting place to be. Nails can allow you to expressive yourself like an artist, imagine getting to carry around ten little canvases of your best work on your fingertips...
    We at SmartPolish are lucky enough to have met some inspirational people in this business, here is one of them.
    Lucy says 'SmartPolish is a gel polish that requires no base or top coat. It cuts my time in half and is truly brilliant. And the colours are great!'.
    Lucy is one talanted lady but what she's best known for is her killer nail work, a qualified nail technician, nail session extraordinaire and SmartPolish user. She's been nail obsessed since she was a young girl and is in the eviable position of having carved a successful career out of that obsession. We had a chat with Lucy about all things nails...

    Tell us about your career and how you got into nails? 
    'My whole family are in the hair & nail business so it was obvious I was going to be a hairdresser or nail tech. From a young age I've always been obsessed with all things nails. I still today 20 years later love what I do.'
    How long have you been doing nails?
    'For about 20 years. I started working in hair salons on a Saturday when I was about 15 giving manicures while the ladies where having their hair done.'
    What does your working week look like?
    'One day I could be working with a celeb for an advertising shoot, another day doing a model for an editorial, or getting a celeb ready for a red carpet or being on a film set. I love that everyday for me is so different.'
    What are the tools of the trade you use the most?
    'I'm obsessed with cuticle oil, my boomerang nail files & my orange sticks.'
    Debunk a common myth about your profession?
    'That being a session nail tech is an easy job.'
    Who do you follow for inspiration on social media?
    'I follow a lot of the American & Japanese nail artists.'
    What trends have you seen this season?
    'Everyone is obsessed with chrome nails & friendship bracelet nails'
    How many nail polishes do you own?
    'Definitely over a thousand.'
    Whose nails have you done, any big names?
    'Julianne Moore, Lady Gaga, Kristen Stewart, Sienna Miller, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Emma Watson...'
    How do you find clients?
    'I'm lucky enough to get a lot of re bookings, my booker is amazing.'
    If you could give yourself one bit of advice when you were starting out what would it be?
    'Don't get too attached to private clients. No client is loyal.'
    Lastly, we know you use SmartPolish. Tell us the results you've had and how you've found the product to be? Does it save you time?
    'I'm a massive fan, it's the quickest gel polish I've ever used. I love the colours, It's fantastic for when I'm on set & the celeb wants gel polish applied. I use it more for toes as it can be done in under 5 minutes! The black is my all time favourite, it's rare to find a black gel that's goes on non streaky.'
    Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 15.05.12

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    Image courtesy of Lucy's Instagram. 
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  6. Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 17.45.04

    We're so pleased to announce we'll be at Professional Beauty North 2016! You can find us on stand F107 where we'll have the full SmartPolish colour collection for you to try and plenty of fab offers. Will you be coming? 


    Sunday 18 September 2016:  10am - 6pm
    Monday 19 September 2016: 10am - 5pm


    Manchester Central, Petersfield, Manchester, M2 3GX. We'll be on stand F107.


    Get your ticket here...