Here are just some of the great things the nail industry is saying about SmartPolish...
Gemma Williamson 5-Stars
'Only used the product once but I love it. So quick and easy compared to other brands and the outcome is fab. My books are full fir this proudct already. Will most certainly be stocking the full range of colours x'
Andrew Styles 5-Stars
'This product is incredible, all my high profile celeb clients love it. Patsy Kensit thinks it's incredible and surpasses all others she's tried. Non chip non fade and can used with builder gels and natural nails! Even over acrylics as fast set polish! If you are looking for the best thing for your salon - this is it, and I've just given it the celebrity endorsement. What an incredible selection of colours aswell.'
Darlene Elliot 5-Stars
'On my clients lasts.2-4 weeks with great shine! Quick to apply which hair colour clients at salon I rent room from adore, plus as fewer coats easier to remove. Bought the full colour range and excited to add new colours. Smaller bottles make easier to transport for mobile clients too. Customer service to me as therapist been fabulous too!'
Shazia Arshad 5-Stars
'Fantastic concept! Time & money saving! Brilliant product!'
Michelle Collins 5-Stars
'Quick, lasting and clients are impressed so far, all on Week 1 with no chips, peel, lifting and all have demanding busy lives where hands are either cleaning, typing or mucking out horses!'
Sheila Za Za Baker 5-Stars
'Loving smart polish. Our first showcase day went really well and my students were excited to try it. 
Looking forward to introducing it to more students very soon xxx'
Samantha Gilmore 5-Stars
'Absolutely amazing system. So quick and easy, no base coat, top coat, sticky residue. The removal pouches are fab too xx'
Vanessa Hider 5-Stars
'I was so impressed by the one bottle I brought in excel that I now own the whole range. Me and my customers are extremely happy. Thank you SmartPolish'
Leah Peck 5-Stars
'I use smart polish on my clients and they all adore the finish and how long it lasts, I've had a client have them on for four weeks with no chips or breaks and it really encouraged her nails to grow! I brought twelve colours from a beauty show and I'm intending on buying more! Highly recommend this product'
Tiptop Pinkies 5-Stars
'What a fabulous product, saves so much time and looks just as good as any other product my clients are loving this product at the min xx'