How To Apply SmartPolish ONE STEP GEL...


1) Sanitise the nails and hands.

2) File and shape the nails pushing back the cuticles. If required, lightly abrade the nail plate with a white sanding block. Brush off any excess dust with a manicure brush, then thoroughly cleanse using a lint-free wipe.

3) De-hydrate the nail plate thoroughly with a sanitizer or Prep Solution. If the client has excessively oily nail plate, use the SmartPolish Primer to increase the adhesion to the first coat of SmartPolish. Be careful not to contaminate the nail plate by touching with your fingers as this may transfer oil, dirt, and moisture, back onto the nail plate.

4) Paint a thin coat of SmartPolish onto the nail plate. Ensure you bring in the free edge. Avoid flooding the cuticle and side-walls as this may result in lifting and peeling.

Tip: Gently roll the SmartPolish bottle between your hands for a few seconds, this allows for a smooth application. Never shake the bottle, as this will introduce air into the gel, creating bubbles.

5) Cure for 60 seconds under a UV/LED lamp as recommended by SmartPolish. 

REPEAT STEPS 4 & 5 Apply cuticle oil to complete the treatment. 

CLICK HERE to download a printable version of our application guide and FAQ.

SmartPolish should be stored in a cool dark place. Do not do treatments in direct sunlight, or in a window that is unshaded. 

Due to the latest technology incorporated within SmartPolish it is sensitive to light. When doing the SmartPolish application, always ensure the top is securely sealed on the bottle once used. 

Always keep the SmartPolish bottle outside the beam of light emitted from the UV/LED lamp whilst painting.

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