Our Mission Statement is short and to the point...

SmartPolish is the World’s first to market One Step Gel Polish System. SmartPolish is an established UK based brand offering professional gel polish to the nail industry worldwide, with built in base and top coat.

SmartPolish has had a whirlwind since launch. We’ve reached beauty professionals worldwide (SmartPolish is stocked in over 70 countries) and improved the working lives of tens of thousands of nail technicians. SmartPolish was even the official gel polish for X-Factor! We expanded our range to a gorgeous collection of 94 colours. We’ve become the ‘must-have’ treatment for women who want quality nails but don’t have the time to sit for a full hour like normal gel polish manicures. A SmartPolish manicure can be done in as little as ten minutes. It lasts up to 21 days and gives a super glossy finish that won’t chip or harm the natural nail plate. 

We have no need for over indulgent photographs of ourselves, nor do we need a super slick marketing strategy to impress you to spend more money than you actually need to! All we aim to do is to supply quality products, that incorporate ground breaking technology, at affordable prices! By doing this we can hopefully alleviate the financial burden on Salons, who can then pass on their savings in time and money, to the end user. 

With over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry combined SmartPolish Directors Melanie Hibbitt and Mark Hassan launched SmartPolish ONE STEP GEL at Beauty UK in May 2013. 

After months of trialling on the back of intensive R&D, SmartPolish certainly shook things up when it was made available for the first time directly to the trade.

“We knew the response to SmartPolish was going to be positive purely based on the new technology that was being offered in one bottle. Coupled with all the positive comments from Nail Techs along the way, we knew there would be excitement, but the reality of the interest far outweighed even our greatest expectations” Melanie Hibbitt, SmartPolish Director.

What SmartPolish set out to do was threefold.

1. Reduce treatment times.

2. Reduce ‘buy in costs’ to Salons.

3. Reduce treatment costs to clients.

Have we achieved this? Absolutely. 

Nail professionals are now spending a fraction of the cost on products, they can do more treatments per hour and still offer savings to the end user.

If you'd like more information or want to get in touch contact info@smartpolish.co.uk or call 0115 966 3796.

Welcome to the Revolution!

The SmartPolish Team.