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How do I apply SmartPolish?

Visit our product application section HERE.

Can I see an MSDS? 

Yes, email us at info@smartpolish.co.uk and we can send them onto you. 

My nails discoloured after application?

Did you roll the bottle prior to use? Sometimes the ingredients can become separated in the bottle.

How do I remove SmartPolish?

We sell SmartPolish remover wraps, visit our website to purchase these.

My bottle brush has hardened?

Has your bottle been stored in a cool and dry place? Could your bottle have been contaminated when using? Try applying a small amount of acetone to see if this softens the brush.

Does SmartPolish ONE STEP GEL damage my nails?

No. SmartPolish will not harm your nails if applied and removed correctly. It provides extra strength to your nails when applied and can prevent your nails from breaking. It is essential to remove your SmartPolish manicure properly to avoid damaging your natural nails.

Why is my SmartPolish manicure peeling/lifting?

This can be due to improper nail prep. Before applying SmartPolish your nails should be completely dry. Excessively oily nails will cause lifting. You should lightly buff your nails and apply a prep solution to de-hydrate the nail plate. Other causes could be over exposure to water i.e. if you wash your hands excessively.

Why is my SmartPolish manicure cracking?

You should never experience cracking, though this could be due to weak and thin nails. For example, if your nails bend and are flexible the gel polish is likely to crack.

How do I prevent shrinkage?

Make sure you roll the bottle between your hands to ensure the ingredients are not separated. And as always ensure proper nail prep (de-hydrate).

Can acetone be used to remove SmartPolish?

Yes, though we recommend using our remover wraps.

Should I cure my manicure with UV or LED?

SmartPolish is curable in both, even though it is touch dry in 30 seconds it's better to cure each coat for the full 60 seconds. SmartPolish is also curable under CFFL lamps.

How do I use the matte top coat?

For best results use with darker colours. Do the normal application of SmartPolish then add the Matte to the finished result and cure for 60 seconds. Apply a second coat for best results and cure for a further 60 seconds. You will find the matte to have a thicker consistency to SmartPolish. A great effect is to do the nails in Black, matte it off, then re-do the smile line in Black Gloss SmartPolish, it looks fabulous.

Why has my manicure faded in colour?

Once subjected to high sunlight the pigmentation may fade, this may also be affected by chlorine in a swimming pool. If you find this is the case then simply apply the SmartPolish non-cleansing Top Coat to make your colour last longer.

Can SmartPolish be applied over acrylics or on false nails?

Yes, you can also do traditional nail artwork with SmartPolish.

Can I use a base and top coat from another brand with SmartPolish?

SmartPolish is a unique product that was developed to reduce the application time for salons and as a result of this we feel we have led the revolution in reducing costs as well as diminishing treatment times to busy salons wanting to give there clientele high performance products for less. We cannot condone using other brands with SmartPolish but if you want to try then that is of course your option.

How does SmartPolish work?

Well, thats the one secret we can't share so we simply say it works so well because it's Smart...(SmartPolish). SmartPolish was the first One Step Gel on the Planet so it's no surprise it's the best of its kind...in our humble opinion.

What is in SmartPolish?

This isn’t something we’d disclose either. But we understand you need to ensure the safety of your clients and so if you email us at info@smartpolish.co.uk we can send on MSDS for SmartPolish.

What kind of results can I expect?

A SmartPolish manicure will last as long as, if not outlive, any other product on the market. So if a salon wants to increase sales by doing more treatments per hour because there's no base coat or top coat required and want to have a product that costs them less because there are less products required to do a treatment, then the maths are simple...Most Salons that move over to SmartPolish can see an immediate saving from day one.

How is SmartPolish different from other gel polishes?

It's Smart and its fast to apply which means busy Mums or working ladies can have an Express treatment for a fraction of the cost of a normal brand manicure. SmartPolish is as easy as painting on traditional nail varnish except that the performance levels are superior and the drying times are FAST.

Is SmartPolish tested on animals?


My nails are still sticky after curing under the lamp?

If this happens then we suggest you check your curing times plus check the bulbs in your nail lamp are operating correctly to their maximum potential as all bulbs do fade in power over time.

How should I care for my hands and nails after using SmartPolish?

Cuticle oil and moisturiser are often used after a manicure for that luxurious feel.

What should I do if my gel polish brush has hardened?

SmartPolish is light sensitive. Store in a cool place. Do not do treatments in direct Sunlight. When applying SmartPolish keep the bottle away from the curing lamp as this could cure the contents and or the brush! You can try to soak the brush in acetone to remedy the hardening - as this should remove the hardened gel - but ultimately you will need to invest in a new brush. You can contact us for this.

Why is the colour in the bottle not exactly the same as the colour on the bottle/website?

SmartPolish needs to be kept in a non-seethrough bottle - this is because it is light sensitive. We make every effort to ensure the colour correctness of our imagery but differences in screen settings and resolutions can mean the colour will look slightly different from the physical product. Printing limitations also mean the label and/or printed material can look slightly varied from the actual gel colour.

Where should I store my SmartPolish?

The best place to keep your SmartPolish is in a dark place at room temperature.

Please follow all professional etiquette when using SmartPolish.