MTV Awards 6th November


More dates to be added soon!

We're regularly attending trade shows and events, so come and see us to trial our One Step Gel system. We'll have the full range of colours, with experts to apply and cure SmartPolish on your nails. Giving you the chance to see first hand our groundbreaking gel. We'll also be running exclusive show offers, so get those dates in your diary now.

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  1. Our ethos has always been about honesty. SmartPolish's performance is of the highest standard and an exclusively professional product. That is what our brand is built on. We sell to nail pros around the world making a real difference to their businesses with our one step gel. When we say SmartPolish needs no top or base coat it's the truth. We will never be dishonest as that goes against our moral compass as a business. We want to let you know that we've taken away the need to register via our website. This is not a way of taking SmartPolish to retail or letting non-professionals buy our product. It is simply because our research has shown that having to register creates a barrier for potential customers. We conducted a survey of nail pros and the outcome has led to this. We hope you understand our commitment to you and the professional industry. We'll be asking for proof of certification with orders and you can still register if you wish but it is not essential. We are proud to serve professional nail technicians and that will always be upheld. Thank you for your continued support as always.

    The SmartPolish Team x

  2. Learn more about SmartPolish and watch our latest video on what SmartPolish can do...

  3. SmartPolish has always delivered incredible results with a high end finish. And so, it's no surprise to see celebrities are keen to have our One Step Gel on their nails. Celebrity Nail Technicians recommend SmartPolish to the stars and we are so pleased to see the end results, here's Tulisa rocking 44 Purple Glitz for KazamUK...