SmartChrome Application

How to get mirror effect nails... #smartchrome

You will need:

- SmartPolish ONE STEP GEL

- UV or LED Lamp

- SmartChrome

- Eyeshadow applicator

- Soft bristle makeup brush

- SmartPolish Clear Top Coat


1) Apply SmartPolish ONE STEP GEL.

Follow our guidelines on applying SmartPolish ONE STEP GEL. Our step-by-step application can be found HERE.

PRO TIP: A black gel base will give the strongest colour effect from the powder. 

2) Cure your gel polish base. 

3) Using a clean sponge tip eye shadow applicator, apply sparingly a layer of chrome powder. Ensuring the surface of the nail is entirely covered. The method used here is to gently rub the powder into the nail. 

PRO TIP: You can add more or less powder depending on your desired effect. 

4) You should find that the nail surface becomes reflective, using a soft long bristled make-up brush lightly dust off any excess powder from the nail. 

5) Seal this layer of powder by applying a coat of SmartPolish Clear Top Coat over it. Cure in a UV or LED lamp and voila! You're done! 

Got a burning questions about SmartChrome? CLICK HERE to see our FAQ


What is a chrome powder?

A chrome powder is exactly that…a powder, which can be applied to the nails; normally on top of a colour coat to create a gorgeous effect not seen until recently within the nail industry.

How is the chrome powder applied?

Chrome powder is applied by using an applicator, which you use to gently rub the chrome powder onto the nail plate. These applicators can be bought inexpensively from most Beauty Supply Wholesalers.

Can a chrome powder be used on it’s own?

A chrome powder ideally needs to be rubbed onto an already freshly applied colour coat as this base colour emphasises the pigmentation within the powder to create an array of colours. It is crucial to apply a (non-sticky) topcoat, on top of the chrome powder to seal it onto the nail before the chrome is cured under a UV or LED nail lamp.

Why should I use a Non-sticky topcoat to seal the chrome powder?

We believe that by sealing the chrome powder with a sticky topcoat, (one that needs wiping after being cured), that the cleanser wipe solution can affect the performance of a chrome powder causing it to crack. This would seem to be more prevalent when again using a sticky colour coat that needs to be wiped after curing. Our experience has shown that this residue can affect the chrome powder that’s about to be applied!

When the chrome powder is applied how do I get it off my hands & cuticles?

Once the Non-Sticky topcoat has been used to seal the chrome powder, and the nails have then been cured in a lamp, simply wash or wipe the hands with warm soapy water to remove any residue from the skin.

Are there different grades of chrome powders?

Yes there are.

Chrome Powders are graded by the size of the particles; this is usually measured in microns.

The smaller the microns, the finer the powder, the better the grade of powder to be used.

How can you tell if the powder is low grade before you buy?

Best thing to do is ask for a demonstration if at all possible!

You will then instantly see how easily the powder can be applied to the nails. The main visual difference will be that once the powder has been applied and gently brushed off using a fine make-up brush, you will see that the excess powder that gave the nails a slight glittery look will have disappeared leaving the nails smooth and shiny! This is known as the ‘Mirror’ effect. Lower grade powders, no matter how much you gently brush, will leave the nails looking glittery no matter what! This is because they are lower grade powders, which are made up of larger particles, (bigger microns). These powders are less expensive to manufacture and can be bought for less, but it becomes instantly clear, once used, that they will not achieve the look that you desire…

What’s all the fuss about SmartChrome VIP?


SmartChrome VIP uses only the finest manufactured powders that will give the best results within the Professional Nail Industry.

All of our powders are the best possible grade to buy. The VIP range is visually dramatic when you see the colour in the pots making it easier for the client to choose the colour, plus you the Nail Tech can instantly see the colour of choice.

SmartChrome VIP will be at the MTV Awards this November; we’ll be busy backstage!!!

Another fabulous point is the cost price of SmartChrome VIP and SmartChrome Deluxe to salons, which makes this new exciting treatment available to all.

SmartChrome Deluxe is a range of powders that again are of the finest quality.

We have released SmartChrome VIP and SmartChrome Deluxe to cater for all tastes…and pockets!